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Letters 2022/23



Many thanks to our families for making the start of the year go so smoothly and successfully. We are really pleased to see all of the children return to school and are thrilled to have so many new starters; both in reception and throughout the school.

We will try our best to keep you informed of any changes that are made due to the current situation with Covid 19. The start and end of the day are running pretty smoothly and  the pupils are settling into the new 'normal' of their current routines.

Although we are making some modest changes we are also attempting to retain as much of the 'old normal' as possible. This includes staying on top of attendance and punctuality.

The current situation may have sewn some confusion around illness so we have included a couple of documents (below) to support your thinking and decision making should you visit school or if your child or children become ill.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Visitor Instructions and Protocol

Illness Flow Diagram for Parents