Year Two

Rosen Class

In term 1 our topic was Finding Nemo. Our learning was purposeful linking our class book Commotion in the Ocean to many aspects of the curriculum. We had great fun writing non chronological reports on sea creatures and fun fish facts, which included the names of continents and oceans. In Science we wrote descriptions of a micro habitat, rock pool, which was a great comparison to what we may find in the deep, dark ocean where we used our art and DT skills to create a show box setting of the ocean.


However, our most amazing adventure was probably keeping fit and healthy by walking to Pets at Home to use our maths skills to buy 4 fish for our very own habitat, fish tank! Our children chose the names for our fish as they are our house colours: Air, Earth, Water, Fire and they have settled in very well to our classroom. We used lots of maths skills to support us: measure, money and addition.

We continue to strive forward into term 2. Our topic is Brave and we have transformed our reading area into a wonderful replica of the Tower of London which is covered in painted poppies! We are even more excited to visit Saltwood Castle and learn about the features of a castle.

Thank you for your continued support. If you need to speak to us we are always available, please do come and see us!

Mrs Gammons & Mrs Goodsell- The Year 2 Team