Aspire and Achieve

The school’s mission statement communicates the main tasks we have set ourselves.  It reflects our explicit desire to provide a relevant educational experience for all children, regardless of their ability, background, gender, age or ethnicity.  It is recognised that all children are different and unique.

Similarly, it is also recognised that the school has been set a task by society in general, to assist each child in their development, so that they may become a responsible and well-rounded adult of tomorrow.

Throughout our children’s time at Mundella Primary School they will grow in an atmosphere where all relationships are based on mutual respect and the belief that all children matter.  These relationships are seen to be the foundation on which our values like caring, creativity, respect, independence, collaboration and honesty will be built upon.


We believe each child is entitled to receive learning experiences that will enable them to reach their full potential.  Because all children are different, it is of paramount importance that each child receives appropriate learning experiences.  In many cases this may require an adapted curriculum in order to meet the special needs of individual children.  The school has a responsibility to do this so that all children benefit.

21st Century Readiness

It is clear to us that the society our present children will grow up in will have changed from the one we know today.  It is likely that the only consistent factor we can identify with any certainty is that society will undergo increasing change, and at rates not previously experienced.  Because of this, our children are given the opportunity to learn the skills which will equip them best for the challenges they will meet in the 21st century.

Lifelong Learning

Alongside this, we endeavour to ensure that each child will develop a positive attitude towards learning.  It is important therefore that school is a happy place and a place where each child can take advantage of the learning opportunities offered, without interference from others.  We hope that children will develop individual work habits which will lead them to exercise the qualities of experimentation, investigation and creativity.  It is our task to help each child to learn how to learn and behave.