Pupil Representatives

At Mundella Primary School we give pupils an opportunity to take on additional roles and responsibilities in many different areas. Whether it be supporting our Library team or being recognised as a prefect, there are lots of different ays that our children can develop their personal skills whilst contributing to the growth and improvement of our school.

For more information about pupil groups look here.

Head Pupils

We are proud to introduce you to Claudia and Kenzie, our head pupils for 2018-19.

#Head Boy and Girl Welcome and pictures

School Council

Each year pupils put themselves forward to represent their classmates on the School Council. Please meet this year's representatives.


Find out more about what they are doing on this page.

House Captains and Vice-Captains

Elected by the pupils across the whole of the school, here are the House Captains and Vice Captains for 2018-19.


Evie and Nicole


Paige and Kaiden


Alfie and Caitlin


Ben and Chloe

See what the teams are up to on this page.


These pupils consistently demonstrate the school values and their commitment to the good order and positive profile of Mundella Primary School.

David and Lucy