Outdoor Learning and Enrichment - OLE

Often children and their families do not have the time, opportunity or resources to take part in outdoor adventures, historical visits or learning through shared experiences in the real world. At Mundella Primary School we have always prided ourselves in finding chances for children to have trips or visits to a variety of places in order engage their minds and enrich their experiences. This year we are taking it a step; or five, further with our OLE programme.

What is OLE?

Outdoor Learning and Enrichment will consist of a series of activities, either on our school field or off site; visiting locations in our new minibus, where pupils will engage in well planned and appropriate learning stimulated by practical activities and new experiences,  necessitating collaborative work, effective communication and a range of new skills.

With Mr Evans and Mrs Jackson at the helm, pupils will work in groups of fifteen for one morning a week over five weeks. They will work on aspects of the national curriculum but swap the indoors for the outdoors, books for buildings, carpets for castles and benches for beaches.

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Year 5

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