Outdoor Learning and Enrichment


It is our vision, at Mundella  Primary School, to design, create and deliver an outstanding curriculum to all of our children. As part of this vision we offer our 'Outdoor Learning and Enrichment' programme - OLE.

We have created, planned and delivered units of learning for each year group throughout the year, linked to their in-class topic based learning with a Design and Technology focus.

I work with different year groups, alongside the class Teaching Assistants, each term; taking half of the class at a time, to experience learning outside of their classroom and enriching their experiences with exciting activities; focussing on things that they might not be able to take part in when inside a classroom.


Mr Evans - OLE Lead Teacher


Year 4 – Investigating the nature area

Year 4 – climbing trees

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Year 5 – Testing their bridge works

Year 6 – selecting and using appropriate tools. Preparing, cooking . . .

and eating a three-course meal!

Year 1 – making prototype axles

Year 3 – Visiting ASDA to research current products and packaging

Year 1 – Investigating mechanisms and making working pulleys

Year 1 – making wheels and axles work



Year 3 – Making a basic shell structure and strengthening it

Year 4 – washing up in the stream!

Year 3 – Visiting the garden Centre

Year 5 – using and selecting appropriate tools

Year 5 – Measuring, marking, drilling and cutting . . . accurately!

Year 5 – Strengthening and joining

Year 5 – Investigating local bridge structures

Year 6 – Investigating African food products

Year 5 - Making a bridge prototype

Year 5 – Designing a bridge structure

Year 6 – using appropriate tools and techniques

Mr Evans taking a break

Year 3 – Growing plants and vegetables