Off Plan Weeks

'Off Plan' weeks are blocks of time; usually at the beginning or end of a term, during which teachers can explore broader aspects of the curriculum and explore new, exciting and bold strategies for learning. These are often seasonally themed; Christmas, Sports week etc., but are usually given a vague outline within which teaching teams can 'go wild'.

Themes this year include:

  • Authors 7-9-20 (Linked to class names)
  • Careers 2-11-20 (inspire to aspire)
  • Performing Arts 14-12-20 (music, dance and drama)
  • Ecology and the Environment 8-2-21 (science and geography)
  • International Easter 29-3-21 (global culture and religions)
  • Decades 24-5-21 (pop culture and history 50s to 90s)
  • Olympics 12-7-21 (geography, sport and fitness)

Please speak to the staff team if you have ideas or feel that you could contribute in any way.