This year we have endeavoured to engage pupils in their maths by using a creative and crazy themes that have stimulated deeper learning and motivated pupils in such a way that the teaching is memorable and the lessons are exciting.

We have seen a great deal of success and pupils find it easier to recall aspects of knowledge when they are linked to the topics that they have been covering in all lessons.

Look at some of our resources and see some of the stimulating activities that the pupils have worked with.

Please feel free to download and share these with other people. We love maths and we want everybody to love it with us.

Don't take my word for it, look at the comments from some of my students.


Term 2 - Easy Cheesy!

Term 3 - Ponk

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Comments from our Sponsors (pupils)

Maths has helped me a lot in Year 6 because we make funny videos that include what we are learning and it helps us remember it.


The craziest maths lesson was when Mr Blanche was wearing a wig and a girl dress with the wig. It was hilarious.


Maths has helped me because all of the lessons are crazy and if they are taught in a crazy way it stays in your brain.

Paige G

In maths we learn by funny songs and videos to help us. After we watched them we would get the song lyrics and have to sing them.


In maths the songs and videos helped me because they explained what we had to do.


Maths has helped me because the lessons have all been fun and crazy, so they stick in our brains and then we learn.


I liked the lessons because they were fun!


What I like about maths lessons is how they are planned out and the reasoning; I think they stick with me because they are funny and you remember funny things.


The reason why I still remember the maths is because Mr Blanche’s craziness really helped me remember the ways to do the calculations.

Alfie B

The craziness helped me because funny things help by getting locked in my brain. Also, the songs help me because you remember the songs.


The songs and videos help me by telling me different types of maths that I never understood. It made me understand them and think more about maths.


The maths lessons are so enjoyable. I have struggled with fractions because and I now in Year 6 I am really confident because of Mr Blanche.


Maths in Year 6 is easy to remember because of the songs that help us learn.


Maths lessons with Mr Blanche are great because they are completely mad; it stays in your brain forever (even in secondary school).


They helped me remember important maths lessons because they are really fun so they stay in my mind for when I need to recall a skill.


What I’ve loved about Mr Blanche’s maths lessons is that he made crazy maths lessons which stuck in my heads. We can remember our term 1 lessons.


What I have loved about Mr Blanche’s maths lessons is was how he showed clips of ‘Shamrock and Lime’ and how we go round the school doing weird things, for example walking like zombies.


It helps us remember the lessons

Alfie R

I have learnt lots of things about maths. Mr Blanche comes up with songs and videos to share about maths.


I like how Mr Blanche makes funny videos to go with the maths lessons. He also makes the tasks fun.


I have learnt that Mr Blanche makes the lessons weird so we remember more easily than in a boring way.


I like ‘Shamrock and Lime’ episodes in maths because only are they stupidly funny but also educational.


I remember doing the first ever ‘Shamrock and Lime’. They were about maths and in the first one we were talking about fractions of tanks and colours. It was during the war between EasyCheesy and the Glorious Blanchbados.


I think the maths is fun and easy and I want to do it again when I go to Folkestone Academy.


In Year 6 maths it was really fun and my favourite subject of all. I really enjoyed the problem solving with the fun songs.


I love the whacky videos that Mr Blanche makes in his own time. It taught me that weirdness helps you to learn in a different way than the dull way so we remember it. They are so funny as well as teaching us.


During these maths lessons, it has helped me because of the videos Mr Blanche makes. The songs are about maths and each day we do something different.


What helps me in maths is that Mr Blanche gives us fun lessons for us to remember:

Planet Ponk



Shamrock and Lime


I enjoyed all of the maths lessons because they were weird and crazy. This has helped us memorise everything.