Headteacher Message

Welcome to our website and, indeed, welcome to . . .

Mundella Primary School.

Mundella is an exciting, interesting and rewarding school to be part of. It offers a great deal to both it's pupils and the community that it serves and, in return, we are fortunate to receive support, good wishes and fondness from those that we work with.

I hope that you find the information on our website both interesting and informative but, even more than that, I hope you gain an insight into our super school.


Mr F E Westmorland - Headteacher

COVID 19 Updates

With all of the conflicting opinions and advice, through the news and across social media platforms, you can be excused for being confused, concerned and completely bewildered about what will happen in schools over the next few months. Within this information I intend to give you a level of reassurance about safety, hygiene and organisation, and also a relatively clear outline of my proposals for bringing pupils back in to Mundella Primary School.

See you all soon!

Letter and Proposed Organisation

Staying Safer Posters

Kent Association of Headteachers

For the last few years I have been fortunate enough to represent Folkestone on the Southern Area committee of KAH (Kent Association of Headteachers).

As a group of Headteachers it is our challenge to promote and facilitate school led school improvement as well as representing the views of headteachers (and their schools) at local, regional and national levels.

To find out more about KAH, and some of the things we do, look here.

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