Creative Curriculum

The school’s curriculum has undergone several changes in recent years.  Recently, in 2014, the government introduced a new national curriculum. This curriculum detailed the learning objectives to be taught throughout Key Stages 1 and 2 with a strong emphasis on English and Mathematics.

In order to make our curriculum unique, interesting, fun, creative and appropriate for the children, we discussed what curriculum strategies and content, in other schools and on the web, were successful and effective. We wanted to design a curriculum that fulfilled our unique requirements and principles. These requirements were that:

  • It enabled English and Maths to be taught both discretely and through other topics
  • Reading was high priority
  • It was specific to the needs of our children
  • It utilised the rich resource and history of our local community
  • It supported our school ethos
  • It enabled our pupils to leave the school as ‘well rounded’ individuals
  • Parents played a part in its delivery
  • It taught children skills and was creative in essence
  • It contributed to high standards in English and Maths
  • Children enjoyed it!

The main body of the curriculum would be taught in five week topics. The cross-curricular approach would engage pupils and, by making aspects more relevant, enable learning links at a deeper level.

In addition to these topics classes would also have 'Off Plan' weeks during which teachers can explore broader aspects of the curriculum and explore new, exciting and bold strategies for learning.