Community News

We see Mundella Primary School as a significant member of the Folkestone community. Along with other schools and organisations, we work hard to foster a community spirit that models, to our pupils, a positive and effective way to contribute to society.

This page will highlight some of the activities, events and organisations that we are proud to work alongside and support.

The Kodeni School Project

Mrs Earl; our Year 3 teacher, has supported tis project for the last few years. The first phase of which (2015) involved building three classrooms, the second phase (2017) built a further three classrooms and the last phase(in a couple of weeks time) is to build a school hall and dispensary.

The school is in a small village called Kodeni and is aimed at providing an education for children living in poverty who otherwise would not have the opportunity to go to school. There is ongoing financial support from various individuals and schools which covers the cost of teacher's salaries and the day to day running of the school. If people wish to sponsor a child it is a cost of £5 a month - there is more info on the website.

The Kodeni School Project