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Mundella Primary School

Aspire & Achieve



    Welcome to Rhino class page.

    Here you shall find regular updates of what they have been up too and what we have planned, plus the homework for the week.

    Below is what we have been doing in class this week.

    ENGLISH:  we have been concentrating on writing our own poem about another animal, based on William Blakes "The Tyger".

    MATHS: we have been working on developing our place value; number bonds, negative numbers and writing numbers.

    The children have also been detectives and been doing some SPAG activities to find out who murder on the "Great British SPAG Off".

    Homework: to memorise the poem below. This will help when SATs are here as it will remind them what the terminology are for particular bits of grammar.


    The Parts of Speech

    Every name is called a noun,

    As field and fountain, street and town.

    In place of noun the pronoun stands,

    As he and she can clap their hands.

    The adjective describes a thing,

    As magic wand and brial ring.

    The verb means action, something done,

    As read and write and jump and run.

    How things are done the adverb tells,

    As quickly, slowly, badly, well.

    The preposition shows relation,

    As in the street and at the station.

    Conjunctions join, in many ways,

    Sentences, words, or phrases and phrases.

    The interjection cries out "Hark!

    I need an an exclamation mark!"