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Mundella Primary School

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    Below is a list of some of policies that you might find helpful. If you would like to see them in paper form, please contact us.

         Fair Processing Notice 1 and 2

      Managing Abusive Parents/Carers or Visitors To The School (Draft)


    (Any parents who would like a paper copy of policy documents should request them from the office, free of charge.)

    1. SG Safeguarding Policy
    2. SG Health and Safety Policy 2017
    3. CH SEND Policy
    4. CH Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy (inc Administration)
    5. CH Attendance Policy
    6. CH Behaviour Policy
    7. CH Children in care policy
    8. SG Online-Safety-Policy
    9. CH Admissions Policy
    10. CH Charging and Remissions Policy
    11. CH Complaints Policy
    12. Anti- bullying policy
    13. Sex & Relationships Education Policy
    14. Confidentiality Policy
    15. Whistleblowing Policy