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Mundella Primary School

Aspire & Achieve



    Owls had a wonderful trip to London to see The Railway Children in November. As this is our class book, we had great fun meeting the characters on the stage before the show. We even saw a real steam train appear on the railway track that is part of the stage !

    Since the theatre trip we have gone on to write some amazing recounts and character descriptions. We are even making a recycled plastic train!    



    Penguins ended Term 3 on a high note with a visit to Dover Museum for a workshop on a topic they had been learning about – The Great Fire of London. The day started with the children having an opportunity to handle artefacts from that period. They learnt about how children their age would have dressed, what they would have eaten and how they would have spent their time. The children then moved on to re-enacting the events of the Great Fire. They were immersed into 17th century London life: they built houses made from wattle and daub, they experienced what the busy streets would have been like and they worked hard in Thomas Farriner’s bakery. When the fire started Year 2 Penguins busied themselves with fighting the fire with leather buckets, squirts and simple fire engines. When all else failed they used fire hooks and gunpowder to try and stop the fire spreading. All in all the children enjoyed a fantastic day out and the workshop brought the learning that they had been doing in class to life!


    1. home learning grid term 6
    2. Penguins Home Learning Grid - Term 4 Year 2