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Mundella Primary School

Aspire & Achieve


    Maths at Mundella

    Maths is an exciting part of the curriculum at Mundella. Every day children are given opportunities to explore maths as a concept outside of normal areas of study, seeing it as an aspect of their everyday life. 


    Maths Problem of the Week

    Coming soon!

    Where is the Maths?

    Pupils are encouraged to find Maths in everyday situations. They then bring the examples, either in a photo, drawing or a picture, to Mr Blanche. Weekly winner (or winners) will then be announced during Celebration Assembly, the following Friday.


    #tableslegend is an exciting new Times Tables initative which presents pupils with the chance to climb a ladder, demonstrating increasingly difficult Times Tables knowledge. The levels pogress from 10 through to 1, then through Bronze, Silver, Gold, ending with the incredibly difficult Legendary, Hardcore Legendary and, finally, Superhardcore Legendary. Pupils get certificates for each level they pass. Should they receive the final certificate for being a #tableslegend, then this will be laminated and presented to them during Celebration assembly. It will also be recorded on the School's Maths display board.


    Maths Term of the Week

    Each week the school produces a Maths Term of the Week. This is to help pupils develop their understanding of Mathematical terminology.

    This week's term is...


    Eg If you multiply 4 by 2 you get 8.