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Mundella Primary School

Aspire & Achieve



    Welcome to Bumblebees


    As a nurture class we work using the Six Principles of Nurture.  We have linked these to our School Values. 

    Caring - We feel safe at school

    Collaboration - We look after and help each other

    Respect - Our behaviour is how we show our feelings

    Creativity - We are all different learners

    Honesty - If we show how we feel, people can make things better

    Independence - When things change we can ask for help


    Our Learning

    Currently the Nurture provision at Mundella is during the afternoon.  We have two groups attending alternate days working on Self-Esteem and Self-Control.  We use games, stories, arts and crafts cooking and many other practical activities to learn skills for resilience and self-control. 

    We have a cosy space to listen to stories or watch DVDs.

    (See attachment)

    We have a class pet to encourage nurturing skills in the children.  He is a hamster called Buzz.

    (see attachment)

    We follow the same behaviour policy as the rest of the school and you can even be our star of the week!


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