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Mundella Primary School

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    A Brief History of Mundella

    On 2nd May 1884 the foundation stone of the North Board school was laid by W. Jeaffreson, Chairman of the School Board and the building was completed by November of the same year. Honourable A.J. Mundella, as guest of honour.
    When completed the school was to have accommodated 700 children, 200 boys, 200 girls and 300 infants. The Headteacher was Mr David Luck and Mr Thomas Mummery was Head of boys, with Mrs Bird being Head of girls and Mrs Funnell Head of infants. When the school opened the number on roll was actually 168 boys, 127 girls and 126 infants, making a total of 421. This gradually rose until late 1885 when it reached more than 650 children.
    The name of the school changed twice more. In 1902 it became known as the North Council school and in January 1928 when the school was merged with Sidney Street Council school (now known as Castlehill Community school). It was re-named Mundella Council School in honour of A.J. Mundella M.P. When the 2 schools merged the boys went to Sidney Street and the girls stayed at Mundella.